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Book Review: Purpose to Profit by Lawrence Namale.

Book Review: Purpose to Profit by Lawrence Namale. A week or so I believe before Lawrence Namale put this book up for online consumption, there had been a debate on passion, work, and livelihood. I had intimated to one of the participants in that cyber palaver that it was about time to have a discussion on how folks can be helped to turn their passions into money making ventures. So when I saw Namale's title, I was elated and wolfed it down - in one night. I must say I wasn't disappointed. 
Namale shares his unemployment plight which I believe many resonate with and how for long he struggled to find work. When he finally did, it wasn't that fulfilling. So out of frustration he took an introspective trip and found what really gives him the kicks - coaching and writing. Over the next years he honed his craft in coaching people in leadership, business and personal development. This coupled with his writing passion, he was able to find a worthwhile and fulfilling vocation. And …
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Finding the learning point.

Learning is a lifelong process. In fact even in death you still learn some things. For instance you learn how one transitions from this mortal coil to the afterlife. I've read up on Near Death Experience (NDE) and believe me you it's quite fascinating. Why would anyone read up on that you ask? Well, I once had an NDE. I must have been ten or eleven. Afterwards it terribly bothered me and as luck would have it, I chanced on an article in the paper that shared people's NDE experiences. I right away recognized the phenomenon. But I digress. Anyway in a world where knowledge is no longer just power but also profit, the essence of fast learning can never be overemphasized. I've always used the Bodaboda experience that proves that knowledge is profit. Whenever I hail a rider I ask if he knows a certain place I want to go to, if he replied in the affirmative, that's profit for him because we are in business. But if he says he doesn't know the place, I let him off rig…

The Bodaboda Question

The President yesterday, for the umpteenth time, addressed the Nation  on Covid-19 and to be honest, nothing new was presented. Besides the fact that private cars can now carry four passengers including the driver, nothing pretty much changed. To the Bodaboda sector, the president has still maintained his previous stance: Bodabodas should keep quiet and wait for Covid-19 to end. 
I have quite a number of Bodaboda friends, and many thought that the president was going to finally lift the directive on their restriction so they can go eke a living for their families, a thing which will have to wait another day. It's indeed upsetting. I understand the odds of citizen protection but the way things have been manned, one wouldn't be blamed to think that Covid-19 has granted government the opportunity to among other things, clip the Bodaboda industry.
Government's argument that Bodabodas are deadly and would spread the novel disease faster than other transport means comes under much…


It's 2006, I don't recall the day or month. But it's Sunday. I remember it because while I was in dorm catching a weekend movie someone came and told me I had a visitor. School being not far from home, my mother occasionally checked on me on Sundays after church bringing me grub and cash refills. The last thing on my mind on this particular weekend though was baptism. I didn't speak much with mom because it was already evening and the weekly House meeting was coming up. And then when I was supposed to bid her goodbye, suddenly rue overwhelmed me. 
"I want to get baptised." I said fighting to hold back my tears. 
My mother was taken aback. I suppose she hadn't seen it coming either. I'd prayed at the new church for about four years and not a single time had I made mention of the thought of giving my life to Christ. 
After a fleeting moment she said, "Maybe you can return home next weekend so you can get baptised after the Sunday service."
The flo…

Of Rich Men and their Cravings

There's a Lusoga saying that goes: Omugaigha bwayoya einhi, basala nte (when a rich man craves liver, a cow is slaughtered). That adage clearly paints a perfect picture of how much liver stew is loved, that for just it's taste, one can even slaughter a whole cow. Anyway this post is not about rich men, but it's a tale of Posho and liver. First off, I'm not a picky eater and I enjoy a wide array of local foods, but if I'm to choose a favorite dish ... that would be posho and liver. And quite frankly one of the things I miss about life before Covid-19 is Mama Naka's Posho and liver stew. Many times lunch time found me at the little eatery chowing down that sumptuous combination. Posho which is part of the combination is a white paste made out of maize flour and hot water. The mixture is mingled until it solidifies and easily peels out of the pan. Matter-of-factly it's the only food I can eat day in, day out. Primary and Secondary School proved that to me. Now…

Alternative View

Alternative view, for that's my blog, is a place where I write about Policy, socioeconomic and political dynamics, and their impacts on the Ugandan youth.  Though when I initially set out to write it was basically an escape and a place to voice my thoughts. Over time, however, and with my writing evolving, I've been more deliberate and intentional with what I write. As a development practitioner with keen interest in Youth Empowerment I've learned to use my blog space as a vehicle to discuss pertinent youth issues. From politics, economics and social/ cultural stimuli, I've always found an ideal and familiar edge to these stories and how they affect the lives of young people. At Alternative View, you'll find posts about Bobi Wine (a youthful Ugandan singer-cum-politician), the new Lower Secondary schools curriculum, Corporal Punishment, Parenting, personal take on the National Youth Policy and other issues that in one way or the other influence lives of the youth. …

Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself.

Hi, I'm Henry and I'm a recovering procrastinator. ***

Frankly that's what I feel like right now. Sigh. I know, I should be ashamed of myself already because I haven't written a thing since the end of the #UgBlogMonth Challenge. Not that I haven't tried, but to be honest, the well has been dry. Granted I could pull that "a lot have been going on, plus, my plate has been full" excuse but I know it's so unbecoming for a writer to blame his inability to pen on such a flimsy grounds. Anyone who chooses to write knows that he's signing up for a daunting task where in order to write, time must be redeemed. In fact one of the prerequisites to becoming a writer is being able to create the 25th hour! 
The burden to write once picked up is not something you can't just set down and go about your normal life; it's a possession you can't easily knock off. Stephen King aptly described it in Misery. To choose to walk a writer's path is to choose mis…